Friday, March 20, 2009

Twilight Goodies!

Hey girls!  You know that tonight is the Twilight release...the night we've all been waiting for!  So in honor of that, I have made up a Twilight goody pack!  It has Twilight note cards, a bookmark, the Sweetart Candy, and some red licorice (from the movie...Bella in La Push!)!  The bag is a case from the Leadership make and take.   Can't wait to watch the movie again tomorrow!  Have a great weekend and I will have some more cards to put up next week!  


Jaimie Gvozdas said...

Kelly!!! You are toooooo much!!! Sooooo cute!!!!! There are actually Twilight Sweethearts!!!! Have fun watching the movie aand munching on your goodies!!!!

Laura Lawrence said...

Man crafts & twilight- can life get any better? :)

What do you mean movie bella in lapush? Is there another moving i'm missing or something? hmmm