Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Non-stamping news!

Okay, so this is not stamping related but it is one of my many obsessions, so I'm posting it anyway!  I have stepped away from the stamp room for the last couple weeks, trying to get to end of the school year programs and house cleaning (yuck!).  But Summit released the first New Moon Poster today and it is just cool!  So enjoy!  Can't wait for November 20th!  I will definitely be going so if you need a movie buddy...let me know!

I will try to be back in the stamping suite today to get some teacher gifts done, so hopefully I'll have some projects up soon...in the mean time, don't get drool on your laptop from this great poster!  LOL!

1 comment:

Holly VanDyne said...

Drooling on the laptop is RIGHT! YAY for New Moon! :)