Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mr. Twigster, Happy Birthday and a Feel Better Skull!

I resisted and resisted this little guy...but all I found was that resistance was futile! I had to have him and make a fun Christmas card! My friend Mary had a party today and here is one of the cards we made...I think everyone loved this quick and cute card!

My upline, Christina Crawford had a birthday last week! I don't know how old she turned but I do know she needed a stinkin' cute card! Mine to her was late, due to a busy schedule at home but I hope she had a great birthday at VA Beach Regionals! Happy Birthday girlie!

A friend of mine went in to have some outpatient surgery about a week ago. She *loves* peppermint patties! So I made her a little treat to "feel better". Our favorite color is *PINK* and who doesn't love that Just Jawing set?!!!


thescrapmaster said...

Those are all so nice! Mr. Twigster is too adorable!

Julie O'D said...

I love the Birthday card--I don't know why, but I always forget to use DSP for blocking but I always like it when I see it on another card! By the way, sometimes your font comes across as wing dings for me. & thank you for the Kreativ Blogger award--I haven't gotten around to my nominations though--I'm having trouble keeping up as it is! :)

Liz said...

I can't read the descriptions, but I love that Mr. Twigster card!

Alexandria said...

These are cute. I can't read what you wrote, though. For some reason instead of letters, I get wing-dings LOL. I have no idea why.